Ohhh Hail NO!- I am Not Wearing THAT!

Have you ever looked at something in a store and thought… oh HAIL NO, I am not wearing that! haha I am sure everyone had said that about the crop top rage. The crop top is back and its back in a big way. I am sure everyone is like me and went thru a stage in high school or early college where it was “cool” to show your midriff. Well not everyone has the same body they did when they were 18! BUT I am hear to tell you that there are definitely ways to sport the crop top without showing any skin.

1. Tucked in high waisted shorts or skirts- Crop tops are actually a DREAM when it comes to tucking them in. I absolutely cant stand when you tuck in a shirt into a skirt or shorts and its all bumpy. WELL with a crop top you dont have that extra fabric.

flower crop top here + Shorts here
I got this top in baby blue with some navy shorts!

2. Over a high wasited skirt or dress- This is not only adorable, but its comfty! For the dress make sure its fitted at the waist and flares out a bit at the hips.

I wore this look like this

lace crop here + this dress   

3. Under a loose Tank or Top- I have gathered quite a few of those adorable printed bra tops. Lace ones, leopard ones, floral ones.. you name it. When you wear them under a loose tank/top, it gives it a little extra something peeking out without showing your middriff! These bra crop tops are great for backless tops or dresses too!

I wore a leopard top under an oversized tank the other day!
Pink Top here + Beaded crop here  
Black Top here + Floral Crop here  
Happy Shoppin!


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  1. Bree

    I find that sometimes, the things that look the worst on the hanger, actually look the best when on. Sometimes it may take a little convincing from the sales associate, but often they're right. (Though they can pick god awful things, too lol)

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