SO Thankful!

Hey hey! WHHHHEW WEE what a busy weekend we had moving into our house. We had SO SO much help and I am beyond thankful to everyone that helped us move. It would not have been possible if it wasnt for my dad, my mom, sisters, step dad and brother in law. I cant even explain how happy we are to finally have our very own home.  I think its one of the best feelings in the world. Drew and I will literally just look around and smile : ) We got so much done and I decided to share a few pictures early. I will still do the official house tour once we get everything else finished, but here are a few sneak peaks! I am LOOOOVING how it is all coming together!

Living Room! I went for a restoration hardware look but with a little softness. The hardwood floors are so dark that I wanted some cooler tones, so I went with Chocolate brown, grey, orange, off white and a few black touches. The clock is one of my favorite pieces and I made the lamps in the back with the grey shades out of two candle sticks. We are waiting on two custom bookcases for the wall behind me that you cant see and a new coffee table. My fabulous mama made the pillows for the couches too!

 I finally got my chaise lounge and miss sadie prefers my chaise over her mini version : ) Sadie has her own throw pillow on hers too ; )

My office! This is where the blogging magic happens haha. I have a few super fun touches to make, but I love how colorful it is!
my niece and nephew were cracking me up this past weekends and I had to share a few funnies they said
Claire- “Tara how many babies are you and Drew going ot have?”
Me-“Hopefully two”
Claire- “If you have two boys you better be trying for a girl!” : )
(walking into my new guest room)
Claire- “Ummm I thought this was the babys room!?!??”
Me-“It will be one day”
Claire- “you better believe a crib is gonna be in here soon!”
Owen(to my mom)- “Nana, Tara is making her house like yours… its going to be an MANsion!” ; )

haha love those kids!

I will be back to my regularly scheduled fashion and fun posts this week. Stay tuned for a Savoir Fairest post this week and more fun! XOXO


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  1. Emily

    Ok, there is way too much I love about this post.

    1. LOVE the clock in the living room
    2. Love the chevron rug
    3. LOVE the purple chair in the office as well as the artwork

    your niece and nephew sound too cute!

    xx Emily @

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