Football Fashion Friday!

Hey ladies! sorry again for posting late! With Drew’s surgery and my busy work schedule its been well.. BUSY! So today I have one school for football fashion friday!

Florida Gators!

1.Seersucker cutie via
2. Karlie Chevron via
3.Bow Back Dress via
4. Orange Bubble via
5. Gator Tote via
6. Orange and blue tribal via
7. Orange /Blue Twist Back via
8. Blue one shoulder via
9. High Low Floriday dress via
10. Orange and Blue ruffle necklace via
11. Florida baby via
12. Florida Dog dress via       

I promise The Aggies will be next week and also Bama!

Have a great weekend XOXO!


3 thoughts on “Football Fashion Friday!

  1. MrsMatched

    I'd love to find that chevron dress in orange and white instead of orange and blue. If you ever run across one, let me know!

    I hope Drew is feeling better! Rest up this weekend!

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