The “Skinny” on Fall

 Talking Jeans today ladies. Fall is just around the corner and there are lots of super fun jeans available now!

For some reason I didnt get into the colored jeans this spring, I have no idea why, maybe its because I am a dress lovin fool : ) But this fall I am already grabbing lots of fall colored skinny jeans.  Dont let printed pants scare you, especially in these very slimming dark colors. Pair them with a tunic or loose high low top and you will look like an insta-fashionista

1. Burnt Orange Skinnies via
2. Leopard Skinnies via
3. Feather Skinnies via
4. Dark Green Skinnies via
5. Burgandy Floral Skinnies via
6. Houndstooth Skinnies via
7.Red Metallic Skinnies via



2 thoughts on “The “Skinny” on Fall

  1. talktomyshoes

    I'm not much of a coloured denim person during the spring and certainly not the summer, but I too go for fun coloured denim during the year as regular blue jeans aren't allowed at my work. Talk about pushing the limit. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Loveleigh Me

    I grabbed several pairs of colored skinnies in the spring/summer on clearance (didn't pay over $15 for any of them) but still haven't wore all of them (it's been so hot I haven't wore pants much!) 🙂 I'm excited to transition them into fall with boots, sweaters and scarves!


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