Shopping Tips!

Shopping…. I would definitely say its one of my hobbies haha Shocking I know. Well for some people, Shopping just isn’t the most fun thing to do. I have a few pointers today to make it less stressful!

1. Try stuff on- I know I know, you don’t always have time to try everything on. But, there are some things that you just have to take a few minutes to try on. For example. If you have a large bust, you need to try on dresses or tops that look like they run smaller up top. And if you are small chested and that dress doesn’t have adjustable straps, go try it on.  Also things like shorts, maxi skirts and jeans ,are always a must. Just think, if you try a certain brand of lets say jeans on and you love it, you will never have to try them on again! Also, somethings may look hideous on a hanger but gorgeous on! This will save you money because a lot of boutiques and stores are store credit only.

2. Remember brands- If you find a brand you like at a store, jot it down. You will more than likely be able to find more fabulous things online in that same brand! Added bonus, you will know how that brand fits!

3. Ordering Online- If you are unsure how something runs, Google it. There are many many fashion forums out there that will help you find that perfect size. I would say my online shopping skills are super stellar haha. If it was a sport, I would gold medal in it. If you find something you like and only have a picture, I can more than likely find it ; )

4. Take Pictures- I mentioned this in a post a couple weeks ago. But taking pictures of something you are not sure about and then looking at the picture later will help you make your decision.

5. Get the Right Size- Nothing worse than uncomfortable clothing. Do not force yourself into a dress or a pair of jeans because you could zip them up after a few lunges or jumping jacks in the dressing room. Noone will know what size you are wearing, but they will notice a dress thats too tight or that dreaded muffin top. If it bothers you, cut that silly tag out ; )

6. Ebay- I have purchased many things on Ebay. Ebay can be kinda scary at times, but it can also save you some moolah! Always read the feedback. Ebay is great to search for your favorite brands too like in pointer #2! : )

7. Shop Local!- Supporting those local boutiques is your job as a citizen ; ) Well maybe not, but it should be any fashionistas rule of thumb. Boutique owners work hard to provide great fashion, always opt to buy local instead of online if possible

Hope these tips help yall out! XOXO


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