Happy Halloween Ya’ll!

Hey dolls! Sorry I have been MIA this week. My husbands grandmother passed away this past weekend and we flew to Virginia for the funeral. I will admit I was TERRIFIED of flying to VA due to the hurricane. It didnt help that ALL flights were cancelled going into Richmond except ours and one other. I normally have no issues flying, but this was just different. I may or may not have teared up when we were waiting in Dallas for our flight. I know, I know sounds dramatic, but as we can see now, that storm was serious and the devastation is mind blowing. My Thoughts and Prayers go out to all those affected. Thank the good Lord we arrived their safely and were able to be there for Drews mother. We got back today and I immediately went to my sisters to see my nieces and nephews all dolled up for halloween. Sadie and I snapped some pics too : )

cutest little red riding hood ever : )
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Back to normal posting tmrw loves! XOXO


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