Holiday Prep!

So the holidays are quickly approaching and its time to get ORGANIZED ladies! Here a few pointers to make the holidays more fun and less stressful!

1. First things first, you need to get all your dates in order. If you are like my family, we have so much going on that its imperative to get all the events scheduled out. The end of November and all of December is super busy and its easy to forget about something.

2. Make your Christmas Lists early! Its easier to gradually start shopping then to do it all at once in a panic! Here are a few pointers.

  • If purchasing clothes for little ones or adults, get clothing sizes now and add to list. Much easier to have them early then to make a frantic call while shopping
  • If ordering something personalized, order as soon as possible. You will want to beat the Christmas rush and some products take WEEKS to make
  • If ordering online, be sure to check online for discount codes! (retailmenot even has an App!)

3. Do a Themed Gift exchange- I do this every year with my friends. We have done scarf exchanges, anything that can fit into a stocking, jewelry, shoes, and hats. Its much easier and makes shopping less stressful.

4. Start planning your outfits for holiday events. Work Christmas parties are usually the first weekend in December and can sneak up on you. Also, you do not want ot be scrambling for that perfect holiday dress the night before and get out in the mess of Christmas shoppers : ) Here are a few of my fav holiday finds right now. I will continue to post my fav holiday finds thru December!

1, Mini Sequin T via
2. Red Swing Dress via
3. Color Block Beaded dress via
4. Carlita Embellished Dress via
5. Star Palettes Tank via
6. Tutu Dress via
7. Beaded Bow via
8. Green Dress via
9. Rhinestone Necklace via

More holiday tips to come thru Nov and December!



2 thoughts on “Holiday Prep!

  1. Ashleigh Nichole

    Great holiday preps… Thanks for sharing I am sure most will love this as a cute little reminder. I always have to also plan the planner like crazy during October through December because our lives are crazy during such time! So much happens & goes on…

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