Wavy Admiration

Hey dolls. I do not know about yall but i had a tough time getting up this morning! I think I am having a vacation hangover. Anyone have a cure? I am sure staying up until midnight reading a book is not helping my cause.. Oy vey!

Today I going to talk about a spring trend that I am head over heels, breaking out the tango, grinnin from ear to ear excited about.  I know, its freezing cold outside, our tans are long gone, and you probably think I’m crazy for even talking about this now. What can I say, I am a red head ; )

Lets talk ruffles

This spring it’s time to bring out your inner Flamenco dancer ladies. Designers from Chloe to Gucci displayed this trend in a major way during Spring Fashion week last year. What is fabulous about this trend is that you can truly make it your own. You can be bold and sport the large dramatic ruffles, or you can play it down with a unique ruffly top. Girly girls can rejoice because ruffles are not just for the kids, they are now “acceptable” for us grown-ups.

image via

1. Canary Yellow Dress via
2. Judith March dress coming soon 
3. Bold Red Ruffle dress via
4. Tan ruffle Dress via
5. Ruffle Halter via
6. Coral One Shoulder Dress via
7. Pastel Printed Ruffle Dress via      
Can I have them ALL!! : )
Have a great day! XOXO


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