Never say Never..

I am guilty of seeing a trend and saying “oh I would never wear that” and then a few months later, I am totally wearing that. My first fashion memory of saying those words was with Capri Pants. I think I was turned off by Capri pants because I have long legs and it was always hard for me to find pants that were long enough. So when they came out with pants that were SUPPOSED to be short, I refused to buy them…. but then ultimately folded.

Being raised in Arkansas and having a grandpa and uncles that hunt every season, I have seen my fair share of camo. I mean I gotta give some credit to the hunting clothiers, they were selling neon orange accessories before it was THE thing to wear.{kidding kidding} I have always steered clear of this print, but then I saw this picture from the Michael Kors Fall Runway show two weeks ago…

So I am now I am giving this trend a chance. I may start treating Fashion like I do food. I will always try something once, because I will NEVER say NEVER again ; )

Denim Camo Button Khols  here/ Leopard Skirt Anne Taylor Loft Petites (last year) similar here/ Booties Target/ Necklace and Lion Bracelet Savoir Faire/  Pearl Bracelet BFrend/ Sunnies Bebe

So are you giving this print a chance? Tell me how you are styling it!


5 thoughts on “Never say Never..

  1. Heather Morgan

    I recently bought a pair of camo ankle pants from gap and I LOVE them! First time I wore them I just paired it with a black top, black scarf, and combat boots. Felt very edgy! Planning on wearing them in two weeks on a trip and want to pair with a cute black top and black ankle booties. Want to make it somewhat dressier!

  2. Emily

    I hear ya … I always balk at the trends and then find myself backtracking just months later! Right now I'm coveting an army/cargo vest! I'm just not sure I can go full-on camo 🙂

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