Pump it Up!

After years of the clunky platform shoe, classic pumps are back and refreshing as ever. The classic pump is called “classic” for a reason. It’s chic, ladylike and polishes off a pencil skirt like no other shoe. I love when a classic trends for a season, because more than likely we all have them in our closets. Classics are staple pieces that never go out of style, they may just come down with a cold for a year or two. I will admit, I loved seeing how high Designers took the platform and will miss those unique statement shoes. Then, I started to look at all fabulous pumps this season and it makes being a little bit shorter this spring, seem not so bad.

Splurge here Look for Less here

I first saw the hologram pumps when I spotted the Stella McCartney on Bergdorfs. Is it awful that when I saw these I immediately thought of Lisa Frank stickers? Do you guys remember those? I am pretty sure I was apart of the Lisa Frank fan club back in the day.  Well since those babies were completely out of my price range, I ventured off and found some at Forever 21 a couple weeks ago. I have almost bought these about 10 times, but I am still trying to figure out the perfect outfit for them.

Look for less  here  Splurge here
If the hologram look is a little out of your comfort zone, this next shoe is similar but more wearable. I first spotted these at Target last week and then saw them on J Crew. The mirrored effect makes this sophisticated shoe edgy. It will literally shine light to any outfit in your closet. 

Here are a few more of my current favorites

Denim Pump here
Prabal Gurung pump here
Steve Bow Pump here
Nicholas Kirkwood Bow Pump here (a girl can dream right?)



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