Why I Blog

We often ask ourselves Why? on a daily basis…

Why did I eat that cupcake?
Why didn’t I get up and go to the gym?
Why did I open my big fat mouth?
While I am sure I have come up with some pretty good reasons for all the above, that is not what “why” I am going to talk about today. Today I am talking about why I started blogging. 
It all began almost 5 years ago.I was newly engaged, and about to start on my wedding planning journey. My old sister had started a blog and she suggested I do the same. She even helped me come up with my blog name. The wedding planning process can be quite daunting and it was nice to have my blog as an outlet.  I still to this day go back and read about that year of my life.  
Since I have a very demanding full time job, I have never looked at my blog as a job itself.  I have always had the same rule, If blogging ever became a job , I would stop. Blogging to me should be fun and natural. It is a very big commitment, but I enjoy it. 
I blog for so many reasons. I have met some amazing women through blogging.  I also love to support local businesses and blogging gives me the ability to do so. I love helping women feel good about themselves whether that be through helping them find the perfect outfit or just chatting with them over email.  Blogging gives you the ability to build self confidence as well. You are literally putting yourself out there for the world to see. 
I never thought in a gazillion years anyone would read about my little ol life. I am humbled on a daily basis. Blogging has also brought me great opportunities that I would never even dream of having.
My blog continues to progress as my life progresses. Its amazing to go back and see what Drew and I were doing 5 years ago, and now we are having a baby. God has certainly blessed us with an amazing life and if I can touch just one person in the Internet world, than blogging is well worth it. 
Have a wonderful weekend! 

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2 thoughts on “Why I Blog

  1. Kiki

    I learned something new today! i didnt know that you started blogging because of your wedding! i love your blog and you inspire me everyday!

  2. Caroline M

    Lovely post. I've only been blogging 3 months but I so enjoy it. I've always enjoyed writing and photography and it's the perfect way to put those two hobbies together whilst also keeping a wonderful diary of all my adventures and nights out.

    Well done on doing so well with your blog. I can only wish for half your success 🙂

    Caroline x


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