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Happy Friday! I had a cute outfit to share today, but side effects from the glucose test and just plain tiredness got the best of me. So you get random Tara today

So yeah, the glucose test. The Doctor handed me the notorious orange drink a week ago and it sat in my refrigerator for a week on my condiment shelf. Ironically it sat next to a jar of mayo, something else I avoid like the plague. People had me convinced this drink tasted horrible, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I mean it looked pretty harmless. Well, it definitely didn’t taste good, kinda like orange crush on steroids, but it wasn’t terrible. Since I was more worried about what it would taste like, I didn’t even think to ask about the side effects after you guzzle it down like your life depends on it. I was pretty sick for 2-3 hours and then I was ready to pass out after the intense sugar high left my body. The lovely nurse told me that I would have to drink a LOT more of this go go juice for the second test if I don’t pass. I know, small price to pay, but boy am I hoping I passed.

I caved earlier this week and snatched up the herringbone J Crew Factory Vest. I am almost expecting super powers when I wear it, because this thing is in such high demand. For example- While I talked to a very nice salesman on the phone purchasing the last one in my size, three people called for it! People are serious about their J Crew yall!

(I would link where to get one, but it will probably be gone by the time you finish reading this; ))
Today Brittany Fuson releases her 2014 planner. I have mentioned Brittany’s fabulous work on my blog a few times and her planner is one of my favorites. They go quickly, so don’t miss out!
pic of me and one of my favorite prints by Brittany
Last, one of my gorgeous blog friends, Leslie from A Blonde Ambition, is getting close to having her baby girl Caroline! It has been so much fun following her journey as I am just a month behind her. She looks ridiculously adorable at 35 weeks pregnant and I cant wait to see her sweet girl! If you get a chance, I am sure she would appreciate happy thoughts and prayers as Caroline’s debut approaches!
Today is GroopDealz Birthday!!! I check groopdealz every single morning to see the latest and greatest deals. I find things for me, Olivia and even sometimes Drew. It is a great spot for any fashionista on a budget.
 If you haven’t had a chance yet, be sure to enter their amazing giveaway!
3rd Place- 5 people will win a Kitchen Aid Mixer
2nd Place- 3 people will wend a BlendTtec
1st Place- 1 person will win a home office including a 27″ iMAC, Pottery Barn desk, Nikon DLSR camera and a one year subscription to Photo shop!
To Enter go here!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!

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