In one Month…

In one month or less we will be meeting our baby girl. The emotions that run through me everyday go from scared senseless to so excited I can barley stand it. I probably ask myself “Are we really ready?” at least once or twice a day. I look at our “to do” list and think oh lordy we are no where near ready, her bath tub has not even made it in yet! I then take a deep breath and tell myself everything will work out and that silly bathtub will eventually arrive.

Throughout this amazing process, I have taught my type A personality to relax. Believe me, that is easier said than done. Before pregnancy I don’t think I ever sat down for longer than 30 min. These next 30 days (or less) will be the last days I have this sweet girl growing inside me. This next month will be about savoring every kick, yes even the jabs to the ribs ;). and hiccup my sweet girl has inside me. The last nine months have flown by and I do not what to look back on this last month and think I spent too much time worrying. I could spend time playing Dr Google or stressing out about labor and delivery, but what good will that do? Absolutely none.

I do not think you can truly be 100% ready for bringing a child in this world. Yes you can take steps to prepare, but a lot of that preparation goes out the window when you hold your child for the first time. We are going to take everything one day at a time. God put this baby in our lives for a reason and with his guidance, we will be the best parents we can possibly be to Olivia.

Dear Olivia,

We are so excited to meet you. Your nursery is ready for your arrival and I have a feeling you will absolutely love it. We can’t wait to see if you have your daddy’s eyes or your mama’s hair. We cant wait to count your little fingers and toes and see what type of personality you will have. Most importantly, we cant wait to love you like we have never loved before. 

We are so thankful that God has blessed us with you sweet baby girl. We have dreamed and prayed for you and through our love and commitment, we created you. You are giving us the most exciting chapter in our lives yet, parenthood. 

It is going to be an exciting journey Olivia Mae, and we are ready for it to begin.

We Love You!
Your mama and daddy.
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  1. Erin Leigh

    Oh my! This made me want to cry. What a sweet perspective this is. Congrats on the little one! Can't wait to see how you write about motherhood in your blog!

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