What’s in my Bag…

I get asked what do I carry in my bag often, so I thought I would share with yall today. I switch bags quite often, so I like to keep things organized. Now they do not always STAY organized as I am prone to just tossing things in my bag when I am in a hurry. You should ask my mom and husband how often I “cant find” my debit card in my purse. At least I have good intentions of keeping things organized 🙂 I got my TB Robinson last year and I can’t say enough good things about it. I am very hard on my bags and this bag is very durable.  I love the double zip pockets and the long strap option. It is a great bag to invest in. 

I always keep a brown and black pair of sunglasses in my bag. Mine are from amazon here and here . I also keep my point and shoot camera and the beautiful Brittany Fuson Planner in my bag at all times. Did I mention how excited I am to finally get out this planner for the new year!?

I also keep a small makeup bag in my purse with “everyday” make up in it. I like to have the basics in my bag at all times so I am prepared for anything that may pop up. I am not a beauty expert, but I have found that these products are fantastic and work for me. I started using Estee Lauder double wear powder after someone used it on me for a wedding last year. It almost gives an airbrushed look. I recently started using Stila Eyeliner and I adore it! It has a subtle shimmer to it and it is a gorgeous chocolate brown shade. I also recently started experimenting with highlighting powders. I grabbed this one from sephora and like it so far. I have tried numerous mascaras from drug store to pricey ones. I have blonde, long thick eyelashes that do not like to stay curled. I have always loved Benefit’s “They’re Real” and the Loreal Double Extend mascara.  I am trying out Tarte and YSL now, so I will keep you posted. Last, I always keep a fun shade of lipstick, a neutral lip gloss and chap stick in my bag. I love Mac’s Viva Glam 1 and Mac’s new Huggable Lipcolour in Commotion. My makeup bag is from Kate Spade (love this one) that was a Christmas Gift from my mom. All products are linked below!

I of course always have my iphone with a fun cover on it. My current one is from Kate spade. I have listed a few of my favorites below!
I always keep spare paci’s for my baby girl in my bag. It never fails that I forget to throw one in her diaper bag, so I keep a couple in this adorable sparkly bag from Ann Taylor Loft. Last, I use my Ann Taylor Clutch as my wallet. This is great for me because I can always grab it instead of my entire purse when I also have Olivia’s diaper bag to tote around.

All other items in post
Thanks for reading!

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    Hi Tara! Love the Robinson bag! I'm looking for a new TB bag and I can't decide between the Robinson Dome Satchel or the Robinson Perforated Leather (small) Dome Satchel… any thoughts on what would be better for a classic, multi-season black bag? Wishing you and your sweet family blessings for the new year!

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