Livie Mae {9 Months}

Olivia is 9 months old and I say it every month, but I can’t believe it. I find myself spending hours looking back at the past 9 months and tear up over how much she has changed. It is indescribable how much joy she brings to us.

19lbs 29 inches. 
Eyes- Hazel
Hair- A Mix of Red, Blonde and Brown. Girl has got a head full!
Teeth- none yet, but by gosh she is teething SO much
Size 3 Diapers
9-12 months with some 6 months

Talking- She is “talking” all the time, but the actual words she can say are Mama, Dadda, Sadie, Nonna, Bye bye, and she can call the Hogs 🙂
Mobile- She is crawling and at warp speed! She can pull up but is not too interesting in walking. She will walk as fast as she can with assistance though.

Favorite Foods- Sweet Potatoes, Green Beans, Graham Crackers, Yogurt and Oranges.

Likes- Well girlfriend FINALLY loves bath time and it has turned into her favorite thing! She loves when I read books to her every night (Barnyard dance is her fav, but that’s probably bc I made up a song to it haha).  She loves to go for walks in her new push car, “dance” with her cousins, and  play patty cake and peekaboo. We always play for a bit after her bath in her room and she loves to take all her shoes off her mobile closet.

Dislikes- Getting her diaper changed, changing clothes and lately being told “no”.

Funny Moment- She has started to pretend she is sleeping and plays a game with us. She started it at the beach. We were all sitting in bed and she just fell forward like she went to sleep and then after a few seconds, popped up and started laughing. We thought it was pretty hilarious. Also, she was watching me  put together her new push car and as soon as I got all the wheels on she clapped for me. It may be silly to some, but I think these moments are just the best.

Mommy Moment- my girl is a BIG TIME mamas girl. I look forward to walking in to pick her up everyday and see her eyes light up. She loves her daddy, but lately its been all about her mama.

Olivia Mae… your mama sure does love you!

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