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Happy Sunday! Is the weekend almost over already? 
Today I am reviewing a nail kit system called Jamberry nails.  I got the system was instantly impressed with the kit. It comes with a mini heater, a full nail care pouch (including cuticle oil!) and the nail wraps individually wrapped. I read the instructions and got to work. 
It is pretty easy. You prep your nails like you normally would and then rub each nail with the nail prep towel. You turn on your heater with one easy button and heat the nail wrap for 3-5 seconds on the adhesive side. You then place it on your finger and use the cuticle tool to make sure its pressed down firmly. Next you cut off the excess and then use the file to get the remaining excess off your nail. I got one hand completed in about 5 minutes.  My 12 year old niece thought this was the coolest thing she had “ever” seen 🙂 So if you are looking for a unique gift, this would be perfect! 
1. No drying! If there is one thing I hate about doing my nails, is waiting for them to dry! It never fails that I start to paint my nails and Olivia comes over and wants me to pick her up or get her something to eat/drink. 
2. The Designs! I chose a really pretty lace design for my first set and it looks so cool on the nail. You can’t get this type of design at a nail salon which makes it very unique. They have TONS of options for any occasion
3. Easy to Use!  The instructions are easy to follow and the kit comes with everything you need to apply the nails. 
1. I am pretty hard on my nails so I did find they chipped a bit at the ends after time. I am typing on a computer all day, whether it be at my day job or for my blog, so I am sure this contributes to my problem. 

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xoxo Tara

*This post was sponsored by Jamberry Nails. All opinions are my own. 

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