Favorite 2016 Purchases….

Today I wanted to share my top 16 purchases from 2016!  If you follow me on snap (taralgibson) you saw a preview last night! I have started to seriously purge my closet, beauty products and etc. over the last couple of weeks, and my favorites stood out quickly.

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Favorite Bag

My Prada Saffiano Double Tote in Cammeo is one of my favorite bags ever (mine is the medium size.) The style is classic and the size is absolutely perfect.   I plan on doing an in depth designer handbag review very soon after many questions and requests so stay tuned for that.

Favorite Hair Product

Ok this is a tie. Already breaking my own rules #rebel. I have used Oribe dry shampoo for the last couple of months and it is the best! I have used Oribe products for years, so I trust their formulas.  My other favorite hair product is Caviar Shampoo and Conditioner. This stuff is downright amazing. It helped my hair so much after I lost a ton after I had Olivia and discovered a thyroid problem too. It is pricey, but worth it!

Favorite Sneaker

The Nike Juventate sneaker is my favorite for everyday wear. I have this shoe in black and olive green and just picked up THIS pink color. Talk about perfection right? Honorable Mention- The Adiddas Superstar (size down!)

Favorite Product

Ok you guys… I have been testing out the Lash Boost by Rodan and Fields the last 7 weeks and it is AMAZING. I have used neulash and was highly impressed by those results, but this stuff is better. Lash boost not only  made my lashes grow incredibly fast, it made them darker, and curl easier. I promise, you will not regret trying this out and my sister is also offering a special discount to my readers. Email her at Rachelbrownrf@gmail.com to get the details!

Favorite Jacket

This was a tough one, because you guys know I LOVE my jackets. It came down to two. THIS leather jacket and THIS suede jacket were my most worn in 2016. I have numerous jackets by BLANKnyc and they are all in excellent condition after being worn so many times. Highly recommend this brand.

Favorite Denim

I own a ton of denim, solid, ripped, cropped, flared, you name it. I have always loved THIS pair by AG, but I found myself reaching for THIS pair by Articles of Society way more this year. I own 5 different washes of this jean and they are amazing. I can wear jeans to work, so I love the non distressed pairs the best.

Favorite Hair Tool

I felt like I was WAY late to the train on this one, but THIS curling iron by t3 is hands down the best I have ever used. I started using it earlier this year and will never use another iron again. My hair curls pretty easily, but the curls last for days with this iron.

Favorite Accessory

While I was in NYC i picked up a Chanel Brooch that I had been coveting for YEARS. I almost ordered it countless times, but decided to wait until my mom, Olivia and I went to NYC earlier this year for NYFW and purchase it there. It ended up being such a fun experience because the girls at the Madison Avenue location SPOILED Olivia and made her feel so special.

Favorite Make-up Product

I was introduced to IT cosmetics concealer by my friend Jennifer from Jenny Sue Makeup. I will be honest, I NOT a beauty guru, I have tested and tried so many fun products this year and I am hoping to get better over time haha. She told me about THIS concealer and its a game changer.

Favorite Shoes

This one was SO hard to choose! I love all my shoes equally, but I had to choose the one I wore the most in 2016, my Stuart Weitzman Highland boots.  I invested in the grey in 2015 and then the black earlier last year. They are hands down my most worn shoe. I plan on doing a designer heel post too soon! Let me know if this interests you.

Favorite Basic

While I was cleaning out my closet, I saw that i had 7 of THESE long sleeve Ts, so clearly it was a favorite this year haha. They are the perfect length, covers that booty, and are great for layering. Oh and only $18!

Favorite Lipstick

Captive by Mac is the most gorgeous Mauve burgundy shade and looks good on everyone. This is one I love year after year and use it more than any in my makeup bag.

Favorite Self Tanner

I have tried so many self tanners over the last couple of years. When I get a spray tan at a booth, it just does not last very long on me.  St Tropez products have been my tried and true favorites. I really love the 1 hour express tan as it you can get some color pretty quickly when you are in a hurry. THIS starter kit is fantastic for trying out the product. I also love THIS product by PerfeKt. It is a cream base and does not last as long as a foam. It leaves your skin looking so smooth and the color is gorgeous.

Favorite Sunglasses

I am super picky when it comes to Sunglasses, as I am sure most of us are! I got the Karen Walker Super Duper sunglasses a couple years ago and they are still my favorites. I did however recently get the Quay Australia aviators and wear them ALL the time. The price tag is not too shabby either on that pair 😉

Favorite Purchase for Olivia

Mini clothes are a HUGE weakness of mine and I have to hold myself back often on not purchasing every adorable thing I see for Olivia haha. The last two years I have gotten Olivia mini Hunters and not only are they the cutest things ever, SHE loves them too.  I purchased all the pairs I got her on sale and for the amount of time she wears them, they are worth every penny, even at full price. In the cooler months, make sure you pair them with a boot sock. I got Olivia these.

Favorite Blogger Purchase 

Ironing is so 2014…. get yourself a steamer girl! While I appreciate a nicely ironed shirt, nothing beats how quickly you can get out wrinkles with THIS steamer. I steam basically every single day, so I would say this was my most used purchase of 2016.

Phew, sorry for the longest post ever! Do you have any favorites from 2016? Let me know if the comments!

Have a great weekend guys and see you back here on monday!

xoxo Tara


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  1. rachel moore

    love your style and agree on the blank nyc coats (and really all your picks!!). I will say, THE STEAMER IS LIFE CHANGING!!!! I have posted about it before but I need to remind people again. Everyone should own one. I have two toddlers to clean up after, no time for ironing!! Sadly I left my favorite steamed in the hotel at NYFW and the replacement I got isn’t the same. Maybe I’ll try to conair one.

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