Floral Top and 20 Random Facts about Me…

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Floral tops are always a must for the Spring season. I love the colors in this beautiful cutout blouse by Lush. The combination of purple and pink are super flattering on all skin tones and the cut out design adds that perfect flirty touch. I paired it with distressed denim and white pumps. It is also adorable with cut offs and flat wedges too.

I has been awhile since I have done a “random facts” post so I thought I would share 20 Random things about myself today!

1.  Drew and I have been together for 13 years. We met at a job while I was in college and we worked together at two different companies for over 6 years.

2. I work for a vendor as an analyst,  managing a Wal-Mart/Sams account. Wal-Mart was actually founded in my home town too!

3. I went to school for Computer Information Systems. My blogger friends always come to me for blog technical difficulties and I actually really enjoy troubleshooting issues (dork.)

4. I used to despise breakfast so much that I could not be around maple syrup. When I got pregnant with Olivia, that is all I wanted and continue to like it today.

5. In another lifetime I would have went to culinary school. I have mentioned before, but Olivia has taken a big interest in cooking too.

6. I am a natural red head, but have Hispanic heritage (dads side) so I actually can tan! I choose to self tan after making the terrible mistake of the dreadful tanning beds in high school.

7. I used to blog about the bachelor! When the show first started I would write recaps each week. If you followed back then, leave me a comment 😉

8. I have a photographic memory, but I am terrible with names! Maybe I should start writing them down haha.

9.  I was just under 5 ft until my junior year of high school and shot up to 5’7.

10. I have two sisters and a step brother. We are all super close.

11. I took dance for 11 years, was a cheerleader and then switched to Pom in high school. I still LOVE to dance and Olivia does too (she starts dance this year!)

12. I am terrified of wasps/bees/hornets. I saw my baby sister get stung multiple times when were were super little. Spiders do not bother me though.

13.  I have always joked about writing a book about the blogging world. Would y’all read it? 😉

14. I have a dairy allergy but one of my favorite things to eat is queso.

15. My three favorite music albums are TLC’s Crazy Sexy Cool,  Guns N Roses Appetite for Destruction and Ray Charles The Genius Hits the Road.

16. I was a huge tomboy growing up. I collected baseball cards with my dad, would kick his booty at madden football and was the only girl on the t-ball team.

17. I LOVE football. Huge Razorback and Cowboys fan.

18. Opposed to what they say about redheads…I have a high pain tolerance, I need minimal pain medication (it makes me so sick,), and I am not quick tempered. I am very passionate and wear my heart on my sleeve though.

19. Drew jokes that I am always overdressed but ALWAYS on time. It gives me anxiety to be late! Drew on the other hand, is always 15-30 min late… always haha.

20.  My mom always taught me to take the high road, no matter how hard it is at times!

I hope you enjoyed reading a little bit about me! Have a great day! xoxo Tara

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8 thoughts on “Floral Top and 20 Random Facts about Me…

  1. Marta

    Really gorgeous outfit, the floral pattern on the blouse is beautiful. And I loved knowing 20 facts about you. I’ve been following your blog for a while and it was nice to get to know you a bit better.

  2. chasity

    You sound like a wonderful person to be around! The high road is AlWAYS the best road. It is a sign of mental stability … in my opinion!

  3. Erica Valentin

    Love reading facts posts! GIves the readers a great insight to the blogger! Just curious …where is your Dads hispanic heritage from(what country)? I have hispanic heritage on mom’s side but Im dark haired and VERY fair skin…even with the fair skin though i can get pretty tan ….after burning first…….LOL…..and i did the same in HS. I fried the crap out of myself in the tanning beds for years so now i stay out of the sun when i can and use self tanner instead !

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