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ON TARA: CARDIGAN Willow and Clay | LEGGINGS Zella | BOOTS Uggs (on sale) | HAT Free People | CAMI Express

ON OLIVIA: DRESS Target | LEGGINGS Gymboree (similar here and here) | BOOTS Uggs | HAT Copper Key

ON SADIE: Sweater

The busiest travel season is upon us and today Olivia and I wanted to share a comfy and cozy outfit that would be perfect wether you are taking a road trip or traveling via an airplane!

When I travel, no matter what season, I always dress in layers. I recently got in this gorgeous Willow and Clay sweater and immediately knew I would be wearing it all holiday season! The fabric in insanely soft and I love the longer length. I paired it with my favorite faux leather leggings and cozy ugg boots. This outfit can instantly be dressed up for a holiday get together with red pumps or otk boots!

Olivia is wearing the cutest ruffle sleeve sweater from Target. Olivia is not the biggest fan of jeans so she wears mostly leggings in the cooler months. She is also wearing Uggs, which are hands down her favorite shoes ever. Keeping kids comfortable and cozy during travel is KEY! She was cracking me up this entire shoot toting around my bag haha. She is such a little ham!

I get tons of questions about traveling with Olivia so I thought I would share a few of our favorite things we pack in Olivia’s bag  for road trips/ flights!

  1. Activities– While Olivia does have an ipad, I usually save it as a last resort during travel. I always pack activities like paper dolls ( WeLOVE the sticker ones like,  this one by Melissa & Doug,) coloring books, legos, etc. These types of things keep Olivia’s interest longer that an app or movie on an ipad. Also be sure to download the airlines app before taking off as there are always free movies for kids to watch on their devices!
  2. Food– I pack little baggies of her favorite healthy snacks for road trips. Apples, cheese and other savory snacks.  When we fly, we have gum and drinks on hand for landing! Olivia has the tendency to get airplane ear like me so we keep as comfortable as possible.
  3. Blanket– we ALWAYS travel with one of Olivia’s favorite blankets.
  4. Hand Sanitizer and Tooth Brush– no explanation needed haha!
  5. Change of Clothes- We pack a simple outfit just in case we run into any travel delays or spilled drinks.
  6. Toy– We let Olivia bring 1-2 small toys in her bag and have her pick them out to pack the night before. Saves a lot of headaches in the morning 😉

Come back tomorrow for a fun NYE post and be sure to check instagram today for a fun giveaway too! xoxoTara

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  1. TAMMY

    You both rock your outfits. Too bad little one don’t like jeans too much. I live in them anytime its under 40F for NYC winter. Today is warm here 50F wow so I wore a sweater dress with my favorite open toe high heel booties. Looking forward for my office Christmas Party on Thursday where I plan to wear my best dress/shoes weather permitting.

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