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Happy Friday! Today I wanted to share a fun spring dress, plus an easy easter egg decorating tutorial. I am always looking for fun unique ways to decorate for holidays. Olivia is just as obsessed, or even maybe more, with holidays as I am. I mean she comes by it naturally haha. We love a good holiday in our family and Easter is a very important one. We always get together each year and decorate easter eggs with the traditional dyes with the cousins and fam.  It is always a good time, unless you are my mom and worried your rug may be Tie dyed after the nights over. 😉

We thought of the idea of decorating craft eggs up with a flower crown for a fun centerpiece on Easter Sunday. We ventured to our local craft stores and picked up the supplies and got to work. The finished product is so gorgeous and Olivia loves seeing them on our table each day. Making these eggs are pretty darn easy! Below are the steps and supplies you will need.


4 Easter Eggs (we got ours at hobby lobby, check your local craft store!)

6 Different Flower Stem Bunches (make sure you have different size flowers)

Hot Glue Gun

Easter Grass

Easter Basket


1.Remove Flower Heads off the Stems

2. Arrange the Flowers in a line mixing in different sizes as you go down.

3. When your Hot Glue Gun is warmed up and your flowers are ready to go, start gluing with the middle flower first. Start adding flowers in a row at a diagonal. After one side of your flower line is complete, go back around the opposite direction with the other side.

4. After all your flowers are glued on, start adding in pieces of greenery from your flower stems throughout your flower crown.  You can also add embellishments like pearls or stones in the middle of the flowers for an extra touch.

5. Add traditional easter grass or your leftover flower petals in the bottom of your easter basket, then place your eggs inside.

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter weekend! xoxo Tara
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