Halloween 2018- The Chicken Palace Princess


Olivia’s Dress (options here) | Olivia’s Crown | Olivia’s Scepter | Olivia’s Shoes| Crystals for Embellishment | Crystal Glue | Glue Gun

My Dress Dillards (similar here) | Sticker Paper

Drew’s Costume

I hope everyone had a safe and fun halloween!  We had SO MUCH FUN putting together this years costumes! Olivia has called Chick-fil-A the “chicken palace”  for years. She started calling pretty much everything a palace, like the Ice Cream Palace (TCBY), the Clothing Palace (Nordstrom), the Nail Palace (every nail salon) and so on. It all started with the Chicken Palace and now family friends and many of you started calling it that haha. When I asked her what she wanted to be for Halloween, so many things got thrown around. My mom came up with this idea and she LOVED it. My stepdad is pretty much obsessed with the Unsweet Tea at Chick-fil-A so he frequents this location we shot these pics at often. It is a family love affair with Chick-Fil-A haha. We did have a close second for a costume, but we are now doing that for her birthday party this month!

So the costumes! I bought Olivia’s dress on Amazon and then we used Chick-fil-a sandwhich bags for the scallops. We glued them on with hot glue! I embellished the belt with crystals and added some bling to the scallops too. I also got Olivia’s crown and scepter off Amazon.  Drew’s costume came from Party City and my dress is from Dillards! I made the label myself and had it printed on sticker paper. Easy Peasy!



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  1. Gentry

    Olivia is such a little fashion blogger in the making!! This is the cutest family costume idea! PS- I think I’m going to start calling my office the “work palace” – haha! 🙂

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