Gracie Jane


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Hi Guys and happy Monday! If you follow me on instagram you saw we got a new puppy, Gracie Jane. I also mentioned on my stories that I was not necessarily looking for a pet. We just lost Izzie after losing our sweet 13 year old Sadie and the thought of getting a new puppy gave me so much anxiety. I even donated all our pet items immediately after we lost Izzie. I could not bare to look at anything puppy related. If you have lived with a pet for a long period of time, you know how empty it feels when they are gone. It is rough. THEN add in the fact that I work from home and I am virtual schooling Olivia. Needless to say, our house quickly felt super empty without a pet and we wanted to put a smile back on our sweet girls face!

Insert miss Gracie Jane. Olivia wanted to name her after Sadie Jane and Isabella Grace so she came up with this name. It fits this angel absolutely perfectly. She is a pomsky (75% pom and 25% husky) She has brought SO much joy and laughter to our home in such a short amount of time. I will admit, it still feels like I am living in a twilight zone. I am in disbelief still that I am even writing this blog post.  We miss Sadie and we miss Izzie SO SO much. Nothing could replace either of those pups, but having Gracie in our home is exactly what we needed. There is no easy way to grieve any loss, but you just try to do what is the best for yourself and your family. God always provides and I truly feel Gracie was meant to be with us.  Here are a few pictures we snapped last night. Praying for a long healthy, happy laugh for this sweet girl. We love her so much!



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