Bowling.. Dance Parties and MOVING!!!!!

My weekend was filled with all sorts of fun! Friday night we went bowling at Fast Lanes for one of Drew’s friends girlfriends birthday! We had a blast, we are regulars now at Fast Lanes! Even the manager added more time to our lanes for free because we have been so many times! : )

the group of us

Saturday we cooked out at my best friends house for the Hogs game… gosh the hogs really need to start steppin it up! When Jennifer and I get together we ALWAYS have a living room dance party! haha.. we know were silly, but gosh its so much fun!

our “hollywood” kiss haha

haha.. we look like we should be on the fresh prince of bel air Then sunday Drew and I started moving to our townhouse in Fayetteville.. Now I was NOT prepared to move sunday. We had planned to move at the end of the month.. well that changed! I literally stuffed everything small i had in trashbags and moved it all by myself. We still have all the big stuff to move tonight. We will be officially living together tonight! We even had our first compromise : ) Drew wants to get this big nice tv, which I am not agaisnt, but I told him if he gets his tv, I get my table and chairs.. haha..

this is the only picture i got of me moving yesterday….


6 thoughts on “Bowling.. Dance Parties and MOVING!!!!!

  1. Brooke Bertalan

    Holy crap. You weren’t kidding about the trash bags. Haha. I bet people were wondering what the heck you were up to. Well, since you are living together, does it feel even closer?? You are almost married!!!!

  2. The Brown Family

    Ok I know I tell you this all the time, but I just LOVE your hair!! 🙂 It’s so pretty! So jealous!

    That’s funny about the tv/table and chairs. Stick to your guns girl! Good luck with the rest of the move!

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