Be-Dazzle,Chickawawas, and a Future Model : )

Last night my niece, Claire, stayed the night with me. We had a blast! We went to Wal-Mart to go buy dinner and some sort of project to do. We decided to make pizzas, cinnamon rolls, popcorn on the stove and she got a mini ice cream (yeah we we were up late haha). Then we found a be-dazzler! I have not used one of those things in years! She picked out a bag to jazz up and we headed home. We jumped right into the be-dazzler and actually broke it in the first 5 min haha, but we still managed to do a nifty butterfly design. : ) Then we made our pizzas and Claire wanted to drink her Dr. Pepper out of crystal wine glass… I probably said “use two hands” a million times haha. We made the cinnamon rolls next. I think Claire shares the same love for cinnamon as I do. We then turned on Beverly Hills Chihuahuas(Claire calls them Chickawawas), hilarious movie, and we popped our jiffy popcorn on the stove. Claire was a little unsure of it (see picture below), haha, but it turned out pretty good! I dont see how Claire wasnt stuffed, because I know I have a date with my treadmill for a 6 mile run after work today haha, but she also ate some chocolate ice cream! After the movie, we decided to turn on the Britney Spears CD, and she wanted to learn the “model walk” and she wanted to wear some of my clothes haha. So we rigged up an outfit and she wore one of my “hippie bands” and I taught her some moves! : ) OF course I had my camera out for all of this. We had so much fun! Here are LOTS of pics from our slumber party!

look at our masterpiece : )

pizza time!


a little scared haha

Model TIME!!! : )

She picked out the outfit

I think she has modeling in her future! : )

her pose

haha now she has the hang of it haha

her “serious” face

We dont have much planned for the weekend except for the cookout tonight with the Coles.
Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! XOXO


29 thoughts on “Be-Dazzle,Chickawawas, and a Future Model : )

  1. Mary Belden

    Hello Tara! I’m glad you found my blog. I’ll now follow yours! I find it hard to believe you can relate to any diet. You are seriously one of the skiniest people I know. At least your not one of those who say you never work out and eat whatever you want and stay a size 0. It’s good to hear you run and lift weights too!

    You’re niece is adorable! It’s amazing how we can live through our nieces/nephews and dogs!

  2. Bumpkin on a Swing

    The black and whites are beautiful. Have you started a portfolio for her yet? You have surely taught her to strike the pose. My girlfriends and I call the hand on hip pose the Jimmy Choos pose. Only the Bumpkin knows why. Claire is a mini Rachel wow! You will recall these nights forever, take care of Rachel for us!

  3. The Rest is Still Unwritten

    How fun! The last picture, definitely needs to be framed! It’s gorgeous! You’re such a wonderful aunt. She’ll remember all the times you spent with her forever. I have an aunt who spent time with me like that, and today, she’s one of my best friends!

  4. Rachel

    Claire is so lucky to have you!!! She had a blast and I was sooooo impressed with her model walk that you taught her ;)!!

    I love those pictures – you could be a good sister and have them printed for me!!!!!

  5. Nessa

    Thanks for adding me! =) I think its so sweet that youhave little date nights with Claire!! She’ll have these memories forever. I think the last pic of her is gorgeous!!

  6. jlc

    Ok, that has to be the best title of a post… EVER.

    And yes, she totally IS a future model!! How cute are those pics?!

  7. jlc

    Ok, that has to be the best title of a post… EVER.

    And yes, she totally IS a future model!! How cute are those pics?!

  8. Lane

    I can not believe how much she looks like Nicole in those pictures!!! She is so precious! Looks like you girls had a blast! 🙂 You need a little girl Tara!!

  9. writing4612

    Haha…loved this post!

    Claire is definitely a girlg girl. Looks like you both had an awesome time. Not many aunts are that fun.

    Oh, the bedazzler was cute! I did something like that with a cell phone case.

  10. Brooke Bertalan

    Can I have a slumber party with Aunt T next?? I wish I had someone like you when I was her age! She is too gorgeous, and her model poses look professional. What a fun night!

    Also, I finally got caught up on all your blogs back to Ellen. You are some kind of a busy girl with a cute dress for every event. I wish I had your style.

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