Oh Iphone how I love thee

The Iphone- I was lucky enough to get one of these beauties the first week they came out(yeah, and lucky enough to pay full price for it and then have the price dropped 300 bucks the next month.. nice!) Well right after the year warranty was over, the little guy got stepped on inside my purse, on my birthday, and a lovely crack was on the screen… happy birthday to me! Then my dad got the new version and let me have his old iphone! yippie! WELL a couple months ago I left my phone in my car. It was very cold that night and when I went to get it out of my car, guess what, a lovely crack was across the screen… NICE! Then the next night I had it next to my pillow and woke up to realize that it had slid under my pillow and GUESS WHAT.. another crack was across the screen. GREAT! It still worked so everything was A ok! Well the iphone saga was yet to be over. Tuesday night I was walking into Ricks to get some yummy petifores to bring over to Kristin’s house and it was raining outside. WELL, on the way in a nice big rain drop fell on my phone. I cleaned it off and didnt think much about it, because I have splashed water on both of my iphones before with no technical problems… not this time! The top half of my screen quit working. YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! I didn’t realize how much I am on that phone, until I couldn’t get on the Internet. haha. I couldn’t check blogs, get on facebook, check people etc for a WHOLE night. haha (sad story i know) Then a light bulb appeared over my head and I remembered I still had my old, not as cracked, iphone in my closet! YEA! I am back in business. Yes I am going to buy a new one since the little suckers are only 200 bucks now(I say only because yes the originals had a $800 whopper of a price tag), but I am glad to be able to use the top half of my phone and I WILL NOT be taking it out of my purse when its raining! : )

Here are a few others that I would be pretty upset about if they all of a sudden stopped working.. haha.

a seat heater in a car- whoever invented this is a genius haha. A warm toosh when its 30 degrees outside is quite nice haha. Sadie even enjoys sprawling out in the passenger seat with the seat heater on…. spooooiled!

a blow dryer- I have natural wave in my hair and without the trusty blow dryer, I would have a crazy head of hair everyday! See below… my wavy mess in gulf shores ” )

The Internet- I mean we ALL are on it everyday. It has brought us all together (awww : )) I do not even remember a day in my life without it. With me, It all started with AOL Instant Messenger haha. I can still hear “WELCOME!” haha. The Internet can also freak me out, like when I start thinking something is wrong with my physically and I go to Web MD and then I think I have the worst disease that I cant even pronounce! lol Yes I have even went to the doctor and thought I had skin cancer on my nose and my doctor laughed at me and told me to stay off Web MD.

I am off to lunch with one of my lovely girlfriends, niki! Hope everyone has a great day! : )


36 thoughts on “Oh Iphone how I love thee

  1. Bethany

    I like that wavy, beachy hair! I think it’s super cute!

    I, too, love seat heaters. My girls are mad because they’re only in the front seats!

  2. Bama Belle...

    You crack me up. I have super wavy hair (although mine does not dry pretty when I’m at the beach) and I often think about my life without the flatiron. As for WebMd, it is DANGEROUS! My doctor told me to stay off of it too…I always convince myself I have the most random, absurd things.

  3. Missy R.

    I love your beachy wavy hair! & that really sucks about your phone! You sound like me I am accident prone with my phones! The first day I go my new phone I spilled red bull all over it! Then when I was taking a bath I went to grab the towel & the phone was on top of it, and the phone went plunk in the tub! haha

  4. CAMoore

    Oh yeah – dont even think about getting on WebMD when you have a baby! SCARY!!!!

    Love the curly beach hair! It’s gorg!!!

  5. ♥ Chloe

    Haha! So true about the internet. My internet crapped out for a few days once and I remember I was suddenly verrrry productive- the house was clean, errands were ran, chores were done. It was insane.

    And as soon as the internet started working again, that all went to crap. I love you internet, you big sucking waste of time! 😀

  6. Kyla

    Eric calls my laptop our third child (Sam and Chuy being the other two…) I can’t imagine not having internet, AHHH 🙂

  7. Vineyard Vogue

    Hahaha this post was sooo funny to read! I kept saying “OMG me too!” LoL.. I totally could not go without my seat warmers or hair dryer- I also have a natural wave that I do NOT appreciate when it happens to air dry. And I tootally remember AOL instant messenger, thought I could never live without it! And, lastly, WedMD had me knocking on my mom’s bedroom door in tears MANY times.. “Mom, WedMD says I have the bubonic plague….” Too funny!

  8. Jules

    I think your waves are pretty. Mine are the bane of my life as one side is more wavy than the other! And I left my straighteners at my Mum’s house -aargh!

  9. The New Mrs

    I’m on my third Iphone, and I completely understand your inability to function without it. Im the same way.

    Once you go Ihone you never go back 🙂

  10. Rachel

    You and that stupid phone!!!! You even have Claire obsessed with it! She asked me the other day why I don’t have games on my phone like yours!!!!!

  11. yours truly...

    Oh hush! You’re beautiful and I wish I had that wavy hair! My hair is THICK, THICK, THICK, and straight as a board!

    And if it weren’t for the internet capabilities of the iphone, I would so go back to my blackberry!! I have had more problems with that phone!

  12. Megan

    Haha! You have some crazy iphone stories! I am always afraid I am going to crack my screen! I don’t know what I would do without that phone! It sure makes the wait in a Dr’s office go by a lot faster.
    And as far as WebMD is concerned: JUST STAY AWAY!! 🙂

  13. Kayce

    I want an iPhone sobad, but (1) I refuse to switch to AT&T and I hear that they are the only carrier with a contract for the iPhone right now; and (2) everyone I know with an iPhone has a crack in it!! You'd think with how expensive they are that they wouldn't crack so easily. Complete craziness, I tell you! HA!

  14. Ivy

    i dropped my first iphone in between the car seat and the middle part in my fiance’s car and it completely shattered the screen. i literally bawled. i felt so guilty about crying so hard over a phone, but once you have an iphone its like a lifeline!

  15. Nessa

    Ha! At least you’ve had a nice phone. My phone is too ghetto for the ghetto lol. I’ve been meaning to replace it for the last 1.5 years, and still havent gotten to it! lol.. Good thing i keep my clothes up to date at least!! 😉 Hope you have a great day as well!

  16. Martha

    I don’t think I could live without my flat iron. I have wave in my hair too. My flat iron is a must. I love the internet too. Sorry about your phone. I’m glad you’re back in business!

  17. Laura

    Gotta love the iPhones. I'm on my 4th one, but never because of any problems.

    First one, hubby got it for my birthday and I sold it after a month because I missed my old school AT&T 8525 or whatever it was. Then bought it again a few months later…at FULL PRICE. (first one was a refurb, half price) Then I sold that and got the 3G…and now I'm working on getting my 4th one because the 3G just stopped charging after a month.


    But it's TERRIBLE being without it!! This Razr just doesn't cut it at ALL. 🙂

  18. Amanda

    I am so addicted to my iPhone… Scary. At least there are more of us out there–we might need a support group if they ever take them off the market! =)

  19. Maggie

    That story is CRAZ-Y, Tara!! OMG, such iDrama, LOL Jeramy and I just got Sprint’s version of the iPhone and we LOVE them!! I “had to” get pink because he got black and we didn’t want to mix up our phones accidently. Jeramy calls himself a high-tech redneck now. LOL Guess what?! Because we got a discount for buying 2 phones at the same time and because we got rebates for both phones, we ended up only paying 29 dollars for each, great deal, huh?! Oh man, I don’t know how I even existed without it before… and you are right about the internet – CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT IT!! haha

    Seat heaters… yeah, mine is on 24/7, as I am always cold. Get this, I leave them on in my car so much that I forget to turn them off, and then we are driving down the road (Jeramy driving, me in the passenger seat) and all of a sudden, he yells out, “Why is my butt crack sweating?!” And realizes that I’ve left the seat heater on. LOL OMG, it is the funniest thing ever because he is so hot natured, and he acts like he’s gonna get out of the car w/ wet pants or something. LOLOL

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