Low Key Weekend

This was definitely a low key weekend for the Gibsons. First time in awhile we just hung out at the house! Friday night i got adventurous and got some Ahi Tuna to Sear. (I also go some crab legs just in case i screwed it up!haha) I looked up lots of marinates online and combined a few that I thought sounded good. Well it turned out SOOOOOO good.. I have craved it since I ate it! I am going to try it next time with a sesame seed crust. I took a pic of it because I was pretty proud of my chef skills : ) (Its pretty rare, but thats how I order it at restaurants too) I also made Drew’s favorite Christmas time candy, white chocolate covered pretzels with praline crunch on them. YUM! I was a good wifey this weekend : )

It may look scary, but its so good : )
Here is the Recipe
Marinate for Tuna

2 – 6oz Tuna steaks
½ cup of soy sauce
1 lime- juice and zest
11/2 cloves of garlic minced
2 tablespoon of honey
1 tablespoon of sesame Oil
½ tbsp of grated fresh ginger
1 green onion chopped

Dipping sauce

2 tbsp of soy sauce
½ tbsp of sesame oil
Half a lime juice
1 tsp of ginger
½ tbsp of honey

Marinate 2 6oz tuna steaks for an hour in a tightly closed container. Take out of refrigerator 20 min before cooking. Pat dry. Heat one tbsp of sesame oil in non stick skillet till hot (not smoking). Sear for 30-45 seconds on each side and then 15 seconds on skinny sides. (cook longer if you want it cooked more, but watch it, it could burn)

Cut along grain, and serve with soy sauce or dipping sauce

Saturday we woke up to snow.. yes snow! Weather here is pretty crazy. So the snow put a damper in my normal Saturday routine.(sleep in,eat breakfast with the hubs, and then go shopping). That night Kristin, two of her friends and I were supposed to have a girls night, but we were to chicken to go out in the freezing weather, so we hung out at Kristin’s ate junk food and watched girly movies. Here are a few pics

Kristin making homemade popcorn YUM! Me being silly with the wine bottle : )

me, Kristin and ErinYesterday, I again felt the urge to cook something different and started looking online. Drew loves spicy foods, so I came up with a Creole Catfish Recipe. It was really good, but a tad too spicy for my taste, but Drew loved it. I didnt get a picture of it, but I did get a picture with my Sadie : ) Very relaxing weekend, but I have a big week ahead of me! Brit Spears concert, a baby shower and a birthday party! whoo hoo, now that sounds more like a Tara weekend! : ) Hope everyone has a great week!!!! XOXO


31 thoughts on “Low Key Weekend

  1. Megan

    Wow you are quite the cook! I don’t think I would be brave enough to try the dishes you do! Good for you! You need a relaxing weekend every now and then! Plus it was good to rest up before your BIG weekend this week!

  2. J

    Wow that tuna looks amazing! I’m so scared to cook fish – not sure why, it just seems intimidating.

  3. Kayce

    Wow, you such a great wifey! Wish I was as good of a cook as you. = )

    One of Jason’s favorite foods was tuna, until he turned 30 and suddenly became allergic to it. He was devastated! Poor guy!

  4. jlc

    Ouuu I’ll have to get my sister to try this recipe!!

    She hearts tuna!!

    Yay for low key … nothin’ wrong with that! 😉

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