Circus Bound

Black Sequin Jumper for Concert….. $30

(promise its A LOT cuter in person, I may wear it for halloween and be minnie mouse haha ;))

Wardrobe Change for Night out… $130

Camera….. $250

Having fun, looking fabulous, with my best friend at a Britney Concert AND capturing it all on camera….. Priceless.

Will not be blogging until friday but I will have plenty of pictures! : ) Happy April Fools Day Everyone! Noone is fooling me haha

ALSO! One of my besties is preggo!!! Congrats Jared and Niki!!!!!


35 thoughts on “Circus Bound

  1. Laurel

    I am REALLY jealous! I love your jumper too! I just tried one on in VS and it was ok… I think I need longer legs to pull it off! I bet you look great!

  2. Jessica

    Have a great time at the concert. Go to the power and light district after the concert – you’ll have a blast. Take tons a pics and I definitely want a huge recap of the concert – I’m so jealous!!! What else are you wearing with the jumper – shoes/accessories?

  3. Casey

    You’ll have a BLAST! I sure did .. but left the camera at home 🙁

    ps…where did you get the jumper? I want one!

  4. Mrs. Nurse

    I am sure you will ROCK that jumper 🙂 You always have such great style! I cannot wait to see the pictures. I am super jealous I will not be watching the Circus 🙁

  5. Ashley

    Have SO much fun and lots of laughs! My friend Kim is also going, she’s excited! I want to see some Britney pics!!!!!!

  6. Risa

    Did you go to KC for the Britney concert? I heard all about it! Totally wish I would have known about it sooner but I had to work. 🙁 I want to see fun pics from the event. Hope you had a blast.


    You have such an adorable blog, and your pup is precious! I recently started my own blog too! ps. I love your blog’s chandelier background!

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