Hey hey darlings! Hope everyone has had a great week! Thank you so much for the sweet comments yesterday. You sure do know how to cheer a girl up ; )

Today Is all about COLOR! I am sure you have all see the color block trend out in all the shops for spring. This spring is all about pairing together different colors. From adding a bright necklaces, to wearing bright jeans. I for one have always leaned towards light pinks, ivories, and other pastel colors in the spring. This year I have filled my closet up with BRIGHT things. I thought I would share some of my favorite unexpected color combos.

First up

Hot pink and Orange!

Since I have red hair I cant really pull off orange unless I have that beachy glow. So I like to pair it with with hot pink! Honestly, both of those colors are hard for me to pull off, but together I love it.

1. Shirt via– $9.80
2.Peekaboo shirt via– $22.80
3.Skirt(as see on me below-I ordered petite)via -$49.00
4.Hot Pink ruffle tank via– $16.90
5.Orange Skirt via-$54.50

I wore this outfit to work this past week and received so many compliments. Even the “big” boss man commented on my spring outfit : )

Royal Blue and Mint
Adore this color combo! And i am still searching for the perfect mint jeans/ jean shorts!

1.Pocket Sheer Top via-$24
2. Long sleeve sheer Top via-$32
3.High Waisted Blue Short via– $17.80
4.Mint Jean via– $169

Yellow and the Rainbow!
I have been pretty obsessed with NEON yellow this spring. If you think you cant wear this color, try wearing it in small doses. Wear a dark top with a neon yellow skirt, or just pair a neon yellow necklaces with a black dress! If you are still scared : ) just go for a more pastel yellow and dress it up with every color in the rainbow! Yellow is more versatile then people think : )

1. Blue sheer top via-$24
2. Skirt via– $59.50
3. Pink open back shirt via– $40
4.Yellow Skinnies via– $169 (another option for Yellow Jeans via– $54.95 (more yellow in person))
5.Zig Zag via– $25
I got this cute top at Riffraff (sold out boo!) and the jeans at ny&c. I am also pairing this top with a bright turquoise skirt!
and here is the pink shirt from above! I also got this in a neon greenish yellow!
And last but not least jewels!
1. Big Chevron Necklace via– $12
2.Zig Zag Bracelet via– $6
3.Tear Drop Necklace via– $32
4.Turquoise Necklace via-$27
5.Yellow Square Necklace via– $24
6. Tropical beaded Necklace via– $8.80
7.Geo Earrings via– $3.80
8.Yellow Beaded Necklace via– $6.99
9.Large Stone Necklace via– $49.99
10. Turquoise Necklaces via-$49.99-$59.99
I hope I inspired you to add some COLOR to your closets!! XOXO


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