Gibby Christmas Part Three

Yay its friday! I cant believe my vacation has flown by this fast. I have definitely relaxed, slept in way too late, ate lots of yummy food, worked out more and just enjoyed every second. Which brings me to the last Gibby Christmas Recap.

We have a “cooking day” every year where us girls cook up TONS of Christmas goodies. We all bring ingredients for each dish and just cook all day. We started this so long ago and its so fun to look back at pictures. Especially of the little girls. My mom got us all new sassy aprons this year too. Later that night we built gingerbread houses too. Such a fun day!


The next day was Christmas Eve. Every year we go to Church as a family for Christmas Eve service and then have my moms side of the family Christmas at my sisters. The service was beautiful as always and I just loved seeing all our friends at there too!

My love of tartan plaid has been a little out of control this season and when I found the dress I wore that night on ebay I snatched it up. Its by Jessica Simpson and it had a bubble hem on it that I was not too fond of, so my mother made it into a regular hem for me.  We had a blast eating tons of yummy food and enjoying family time.





The next morning was Christmas! Another tradition for us is to have a huge Christmas breakfast and have Christmas with my immediate family. We open presents and then the women cook up the breakfast. My mom got me a gorgeous Ralph Lauren bedspread for my master bedroom makeover that is starting after the new year (lots more on that to come!). Rachel got me the cutest @themrsgibby necklace from bauble bar and my little sister got me a monogram bracelet! They all sure know me so well : ) I found the most adorable monogram rain boots on etsy for my mom and sisters. They were a huge hit! You can find them here. After the Christmas Morning festivities, Drew and I headed to his Grandmothers for his side of the family’s Christmas. His nonnie out does herself every year with a huge Christmas Dinner. Then finally we go back to my moms for a Mexican fiesta. haha random I know, but my mom started this a few years ago to give everyone a break from all the Christmas food.

matchin pjs : )

Such an amazing Christmas we had. I have said it a million times, but we are so blessed! Not very many people are able to spend as much time with their families as we do. My family is everything to me and I will never take for granted the time we have together. Bravo to anyone that made it thru all Christmas mega posts ; )
I hope everyone had a blessed Christmas and Cheers to a Fabulous New Year!


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  1. Ashleigh Day

    I am so jealous of the cooking day! I wanna join… That is so up my alley 🙂 I loved all the photos & the traditions are too cute! Family time is so amazing!

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