15 Min Curls with NuMe

Today I am teaming up with Nume to show you how I curl my hair on a day to day basis. This style usually takes me 15 minutes! The NuMe Lustrum wand is perfect for those quick, curls that hold all day long. The wand comes with five different interchangeable wants that are all ceramic coated. You can create just about any type of wave you want with this one set. The Tourmaline technology seals in your hairs natural moisture which gives you those shiny curls we all want to achieve. The set also comes in a handy pouch that makes traveling with in incredibly easy. Basically this is the wand to get and the only wand you will need!

What you need:

NuMe Lustrum Wand

Hair Ties and Clippy

Hairspray (I use this)

Texturizing Spray

Hair Prep:

I always let my hair air dry for about 10-15 minutes before blowdrying.  This cuts down the blow dry time (less heat on hair!) and also makes hair hold curl better. In the summer I use this serum before blowdrying. One bottle usually lasts me a year and is worth every cent. I typically use drug store shampoos/conditioners throughout the week and this shampoo on the weekends.


Step 1: Section hair off 
After blowdrying, I section my hair off in 4 sections (3 if I want bigger curls).
Step 2: Curl 1 inch pieces away from face. 
I take 1 inch pieces and hold the wand in the opposite hand from the side I am curling and hold the curl for about 5-8 seconds (longer if I want tighter curls.) I hold the wand with the handle facing up and wrap the section of hair away from my face. After each section is complete, I lightly spray with hair spray. Repeat on the next side and for each section going forward.
Step 3: Touch up!
After I curl all my sections, I take all of my hair out of the clippy and  let the curls set for about 5 min to cool off. Your hair sets the curl during the cool down process.  I then run my fingers gently through the curls to give them more of a natural look. I then run the wand through any pieces that may have lost a little to much curl. I tease the top section (apply this texturizing spray before teasing) and lightly spray with my favorite hair spray.
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What I am wearing:
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If you have any questions let me know! Maybe one day I will get brave enough to do a video haha!

Have a great day!

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