20 Stocking Stuffer Ideas


Today I am sharing 20 stocking stuffer ideas! Stockings are always my favorite and I enjoy purchasing things for them each and every year. I love stuffing stockings with beauty finds, unique things and of course, practical items. 



I do not know where all my hair ties go, but they are either hanging out with my bobby pins having a party or disappearing into thin air, regardless, we all could use an extra set. I adore THESE because they come in tons of fun colors and are easy on the hair! Speaking of socks, how cute is THIS set. Love the colors too! Lastly THIS hair brush is a game changer. I always use it to brush my ends out before taking my normal brush to my hair. 


I can’t have a stocking stuffer list without my favorite beanie right? I recently found it in grey and tan and I am in LOVE.  A coffee mug is always a safe bet and THIS one comes in tons of cute faces. We have a few international travel destinations on our list for next year and THIS passport case is absolutely adorable! 


What gal doesn’t love long lashes? I have the ultimate triple threat that would be the perfect stocking stuffer. First, you have to have the long lashes right? I recently started using Lash Boost and y’all… it is AMAZING! I have used it for about 5 weeks and I have noticed a drastic difference.  It works better for me than neulash did which is saying a lot.You can find more details on how to purchase it HERE. Now that I have lashes that will curl, I swear by THIS eye lash curler and THIS mascara. It is always fun to pamper yourself after a long day with a face mask and THIS one is my favorite. Lastly, a fun lipstick is a great stocking stuffer! My favorite shades… Captive (plum), Marsala(burgundy), Ruby Woo (red), and Whirl (dark nude.) 
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Have a great day guys!
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