2018 Travel Plans + Travel Style

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Happy Friday! Today I am sharing our Travel Plans and wishes for 2018! We are in the beginning stages of planning our trips and still unsure on a couple as there are so many places we want to visit! If you are heading anywhere exciting this year, please let me know!

Also, my travel/aiport pics are always my most popular on my instagram, so I wanted to share some mommy and me style today!  Olivia is such a good traveler and I feel very lucky to be able to take her on our trips!  It makes them even more special and all the memories we are making are priceless!

Travel Plans

Snowy Location- since Arkansas hasn’t got some serious snow in awhile, we are headed to see some snowy weather soon! It has been a couple of years since we have taken a ski trip and we are SO excited! It never fails that all the retailers start rolling out spring pieces this time of year and there is no way I am wearing a sundress in January haha. I have been spending a lot of time finding some adorable winter pieces for y’all for this trip, so stay tuned. Although, it never fails that I love shopping for Olivia more than myself haha.

Maui, Hawaii– This is our absolute favorite place to Travel and I have mentioned numerous times that Drew would move here in a HEARTBEAT! We are hoping to head here early spring for a couple of weeks. We did that last year and we had the best time ever!

Greece– This was on our list last year and we couldn’t make it happen. It is at the top of our list this year and if you have any tips of recommendations PLEASE send them my way!

New  York– We traveled to New York three times last year and I will probably be in the city three or more times in 2018. My mom and I are ALWAYS down for a trip to the city 😉 I am also hoping to head over to the Hamptons with some girlfriends too!

Aspen/Boston/Vermont/New England-  We are undecided on where we are going to travel to see the beautiful Fall Foliage this year. Aspen was AMAZING and I would go there any time of the year, but we may travel to a new destination this year! Send me your recs!

Paris- I had planned on going to Paris this past December with my good blogger friend Amanda, but timing did not work out with our NYC trip and with Olivia.  I went to Europe when I was 16 and I am DYING to go back! I am pretty hesitant on bringing Olivia to Europe at the moment, so this may be a trip with Drew or with my mom!

Palm Beach, FL– My MIL has property in Florida and we hope to head over to Palm Beach for a couple of days after visiting her.

Disney– While we are not planning on going back to Disney in 2018, Olivia and I did plan a last minute trip there in 2017. It was one of my FAVORITE trips of 2017, so I will never say never haha.

Positano– This is also a bucket list destination for me!  I would love to go on a trip with Drew to Italy and hoping we can make this happen in the next year. We always want to bring Olivia on our trips, but I know a couples trip would be amazing as well.

Other Cities/Destinations we are looking into: Seattle, Laguna (we loved visiting here a couple years ago,) Nice, France, and Banff(again, because it was THAT good,) and possibly Mexico!

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16 thoughts on “2018 Travel Plans + Travel Style

    1. Tara Post author

      Thank you! We def have to budget for them as they can get pretty pricey! The west coat is beautiful and I hope your dream comes true sooner than later 🙂

  1. TAMMY

    Great travel list. NYC is 10F right now. I am looking to travel to warm places where I can wear a sexy sundress or bikini and sandals. Already getting tired of wearing the same jacket and rotation of jeans everyday. My normal winter fashion is horrible but at least its warm. Unless I am going out then I dress up for winter pending weather. Boyfriend won’t even pull out his new leather jacket I bought him for Christmas till it turns 40F here.

      1. TAMMY

        Finally starting to warm up today here. 50F will feel like summer come Friday. Got a 3 day business trip to Phoenix next week. Should be at least warm days there.

  2. Emelia

    Boston is absolutely beautiful- especially in the Fall! We went 2 years ago and I cannot Wait to go back with our kids! You would love it 🙂 and we are headed to Seattle this year! Have fun on all your trips- so many fun memories with Livvy 🙂

    1. Tara Post author

      Oh you are making me want to go back to Boston! I went there for a project but only for 24 hours and I can’t imagine how gorgeous it is in the Fall.

  3. Carolina Hernandez

    Hey, I am a fellow mom of two kids. We are currently thinking about spending our summer break in Europe. Can I ask you why you are hesitant to bring Olivia to Europe? I am just curious whether we should also reconsider.

    Love your blog! xx

    1. Tara Post author

      Hi Carolina! Thank you so much and what an exciting trip! We are more concerned about the long flight and time change with Olivia. There are parts of Europe that are not as safe as other parts as well. Olivia is a great traveler and did really well with the 6 hour time change in Hawaii, but we are just going to wait a couple more years to take her to Europe.

      Where are you all planning on going? I am dying to go back!

  4. Jenn

    Great list!!! My husband and I have had the travel bug lately too!! I’ve been to Greece a couple of times and Paris is my absolute favorite city. Living not too far from NYC, we go there pretty often for a weekend getaway. In the next 6 months, we are going to Santa Fe, London for a few days in March and then Paris, England, Ireland, and Scotland in the summer. We are hoping to plan something else too 🙂

  5. Kyli Raine

    I love traveling so much!! We are planning to go to Vail in march! My baby boy will be 6 months old! Do you have any posts on traveling with a baby 😊

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