Olivia’s Candy Land Birthday Party


ON TARA: COAT ASOS | DRESS Treasure & Bond | BOOTS Stuart Wetizman

ON OLIVIA: DRESS Tutu du Monde | STOLE Dillards | SHOES Target

Ok this post is WAY past due, but with the holidays I got behind in putting together this post. A lot of you asked about the details so better late than never right? 🙂 (so sorry!)

We had so much fun putting together this Candy Land Birthday party as the colors and decorations were so whimsical and fun! I used to plan parties on the side way back in the day, and I always have so much fun putting together Olivia’s birthday tables every year. I went a bit over the top this year, but she absolutely LOVED it!


I always start with picking a color scheme and then go find 3-4 different fabrics for the table. I basically layer the at different angels across the table. After finding the fabric, I look for plates and platters to put the treats and food on for the table. The cake is always the centerpiece of the table and we get ours from a local bakery, Ricks. They always knock it out of the park! I always arrange all the food on the table at different heights.  I use random things, like bowls and baking dishes, under the fabric to give them the different heights. I put the cake on an actual cake stand to ensure its extra sturdy!


This was one of the most asked questions! Making your own arrangments can be a bit intimidating, but its really not too hard to do! We made two for Olivias table and here is how we put them together.

Step 1– We lined the inside of a glass vase with cardstock to cover the styrofoam ball inside that will be used as the base of the arrangement

Step 2– We got numerous size of picks from Hobby Lobby. 2 Large, 3 medium, then 4 of each smaller pick. You then start arranging the picks by sticking them into the styrofoam. The large goes in the middle, the medium on the sides/front and then fill in holes around the arrangement with the smaller ones. It will always look like a hot mess as you are putting it together, but just keep going!

Step 3– After all the picks are in, we add ribbon. We tie it randomly around the arrangement to add a bit of dimension.

Step 4- We then topped the styrofoam ball with fake snow to cover it up.


I always use the food as part of the decorations! I find treats and snacks in the colors of the party table and it doubles as decorations and food for your guests! It is usually cheaper to do this instead of buying numerous decorations for the table too! We also had a little treat bar in our kitchen for our guests to take home a little piece of candyland! I forgot to get a picture of this, but I used apothecary jars for the candy and simple clear bags with fun ribbons.

It was such a fun day and Olivia had the best time, which is what matters most! If you are planning a party soon, let me know what the theme is in the comments!

We also took some birthday pictures that I shared on my instagram stories, but wanted to share with y’all today! I always get Olivia’s birthday dress from Tutu Du Monde and this year she picked it out. I found this gorgeous pearl embellished coat that matched it perfectly too! She is such a sweet, kind hearted, loving girl. I am so very lucky to be her mama!


Cake- Ricks Bakery

Cookies- Krauft Cookies

Fabric- Hobby Lobby

Picks- Hobby Lobby

Dress- Tutu Du Monde

Ornaments- Hobby Lobby

Pink Trees- Home Goods

Cupcake boxes- Hobby Lobby



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  1. Stephanie

    So, so cute! Where did you get the sparkly 4 cake topper?! I need one for my daughter’s 7th’ birthday next month!

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