The Man I Love…..

Last night while I was adding stuff to the registry, I took a moment to take everything in that is going on in my life.. I’M GETTING MARRIED! I really thought about the man in my life and how my life is going to change. We are going to live together, have our morning coffee together, I will be doing his laundry(haha). I know God has put Drew and I together, and I know he has an exciting future planned for us. I literally find myself jumping up and down in excitement as the big day approaches. Drew may drive me crazy but at the end of the day we are both crazy in love. I truly can not wait for our fairy tale ending! (73 days to be exact : ) )


3 thoughts on “The Man I Love…..

  1. Rachel

    I am glad to see the first picture of yall!! =) You need to take all of this is in and enjoy yourself!! Can’t wait for the big day…

  2. Megan

    Hey I just found your blog through another – Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. I just got married in July. Wedding planning can be so craaazy! Enjoy these last days of planning before the Big Day!
    P.S. You have beautiful hair!

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