Sadie’s way of telling me things and Drew and I agree on a baby name!

GASP! No I am not pregnant and probably will not be for a couple of years (sorry mom =) ), but Drew and I have been discussing baby names for the past couple of months and I was beginning to think we would NEVER agree on one! Well last night we did! HORRRAY! The name is Blakely….. it gets better.. he said that he knew a girl in high school named Blakely and that she was a red head and also a big handful! haha.. Its destiny! : ) So if its in God’s plan for us to have a little girl.. her name will be Blakely!
Well on to the next “exciting” thing of the night. haha.. Sadie is one smart little dog. She knows lots of tricks (roll over, sit, speak, shake, high five, twirl) and she has her own little of way of telling me things. Well when I came home yesterday from the mall, she had let me know that she wanted a new bed… See below

Haha, I guess the thread count on this one wasnt high enough for her spoiled little self. So I leave her with her daddy and go get her a new bed! They have these new ones at wal mart that you can interchange covers and they are soooo soft and cushiony. I am going to get her named monogrammed on it too! She immediately went and jumped in it and rolled around.

But she still finds my bed more comfortable to sleep in : )

I better get a second job when I have kids!


5 thoughts on “Sadie’s way of telling me things and Drew and I agree on a baby name!

  1. Rachel

    I love Sadie’s new bed!! Oscar won’t sleep in his, he just scratches at it and then sleeps NEXT too it!! I need to go by Wal-Mart and check these out!!

    I LOVE Blakely!! I am sure you will have a girl…if there is anyone is this world meant to have a girl, that would be you!! I have put away the cutest pair of hot pink cowboy boots that Claire NEVER wore (they grow so fast) in the hopes of Baby Girl, now Blakely, Gibson!!

  2. Kristy

    Thank you for the comment! I think your dog is so cute, and her new bed is too! We have a new yorkie that is “potty-train reluctant”. But as soon as he is, he’s going to get a new cute bed. =)

  3. Brittney

    I love that you already have baby names! It is good to get them out there now so that all your friends know that they are off limits!

    Blakely is a great name! I like original names that aren’t overused…and that is perfect!

  4. LyndsAU

    Sadie is precious. I mean so adorable! 🙂 And PS–I was amazed that my husband and I (only married 5 months) agreed on baby names right off. Complete and total shock 🙂

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