Puppies, Football, Birthdays, and the Wilderness

(sadie is the only pup camera ready.. haha : ) )

Hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend! I got to meet my sisters new addition to her family… OSCAR the french bulldog! Sadie wasnt too sure about Mr Oscar at first, she had to let him know who is boss and even though he is about 6 times her size, she still out ran him outside. I foresee a fantastic friendship in their future! 🙂

what a stud!
the birthday boy and oscar

Owen’s new buddy

Saturday was the kickoff of Hogs football!! I absolutely LOVE me some football! I am even going to Dallas for my bachelorette party to go see my Cowboys play! Well I was a little under the weather, so Drew and my brother in law, Shane, went to the game. I still had to get a picture of Sadie and I in our hogs gear! : )

Sunday we all went to my Grandparents Cabin. Now I am not the wilderness type.. I bet you would never of guess that : )…. But my grandparents cabin isnt really “roughin it” The kids road 4 wheelers and we relaxed…. Well Rachel and I were not exactly relaxed after i knocked a tick off of her leg.. EEEEEEK!
Claire and her daddy
thumbs up! Owen didnt want to get offSunday night we celebrated Neals (aka Meal) birthday! Nicole and Neal introduced us to beer pong and of course.. Shane and Neal dominated. You may ask where is my Drew?? Well he caught a cold over the weekend, I told you he has the WORST luck.. so he was at home resting. yep we are silly girls
beer pong champs

Labor Day Drew and I just vegged and hung out with miss sadie. I watched Blonde Ambition last night.. yeah the one with Jessica Simpson… i DONT recommend it. I actually feel embarrassed for admitting I rented it.. haha Also, today is my Niece, Claire’s, first day of preschool! I still cant believe how much this girl has grown! She is an absolute doll and I cant even tell you how much I love her!

Claire- Have a fabulous first day of preschool! I cant wait to hear about all the fun things you did today!! Love- Aunt T


2 thoughts on “Puppies, Football, Birthdays, and the Wilderness

  1. Rachel

    Cute pictures…except for the one at the cabin of us…but it does truly show our enthusiasm!! Also – thanks for adding the shot of me with a side pony tail, I am not really sure I wanted you to blog now, you have too many incriminating pictures!!

    Thanks for the shout out to Claire bear!! You are going to so happy when you read the post I am about to put up!!

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