A whole new meaning to… wearing your boyfriends clothes

Ok so last week I was flipping thru my weekly magazines… US Weekly, People, InStyle, Life & Style… and I come up on a picture of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise wearing the EXACT same pair of jeans and they are TOM’s Jeans. So I ask myself, is this really the new “it thing?” So I decide to give it a try and see…. I venture off into my laundry room and grab a pair of Drew’s Jeans.. Well just like I thought… I looked Ridiculous! (even Sadie thougtht so) I think I will stick to womens jeans!

i found these two pics on OMG! Yahoo
haha i think the shirt says it all : )


3 thoughts on “A whole new meaning to… wearing your boyfriends clothes

  1. Maggie

    Thanks for the invitation to check out your blog – it’s GREAT! You will love what Summer comes up with; I’m so happy with mine! I’ve about got my sister talked into getting one done, too! =)

    I’ll add you to my list of favorite blogs so I can keep up!

    Congrats, by the way, sounds like the wedding is just around the corner! So exciting!!

  2. Rachel

    Tooooo funny!! Stick to your jeans for sure!! Katie Holmes has lost her mind!!!

    At least your man wears fun designer ones…Shane’s jeans would not only not fit, but they are not even fun ones!

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